vrijdag 4 januari 2013

DIY Bow Back Top

Renovate your old shirt!

 Pick out an old shirt, for example a shirt you never wear anymore because you think it's ugly or just boring.

Cut some lines in the back of your shirt and cut a little stroke off, of your shirt.

Now, you pick the stroke and you cut some mini strokes off.

You pick one stroke and you wrap it around one, and sew it. Also do that with the rest.

Aaaand you're done! This is your bow back top!

I really think this is an amazing, creative and especially cheap style to renovate your old shirt! I love it!
This is inspired by Macbarbie07, she is definitely  my favorite youtuber, I love her! You definitely have to check out her youtubechanel!

I hope you will try this out and have fun with it!


dinsdag 11 december 2012

Onesies; Best Invention Ever

Since a while am I completely in love with an item that I got from NewLook and I already had seen it on youtubevideo's and stuff. Onesies! They are sooo comfortable it's amazing, I almost live in it hihi. They are perfect for winter, if you are inside and it's cold.. you put your onesies on! You'll look like a completely weirdo or baby but you just walk in it with absolutely no shame. :) That's what I do all the time. This is my onesie.

So I searched for more onesies, because ever time I want a new onesies and I saw onesies which are sooo awesome. These are much worse, weirder and ''what the f*ck'' than mine but I don't care, I'm just in looove! Ever I want one like these!

I just think these are freakin' awesome and super cute! The owl is my favorite I think. :) What do you think of these, do you like them? Hihi. And which is your favorite? Let me know at the comments. :)

These onesies are from kigu.


maandag 10 december 2012

A Fresh New Start

Hi ladies! I'm back! I already had a blog, first it was a success but.. later I forgot and forgot to write articles and I had no time and yeah just stupid. So, I realized that it actually was a pity because I had really enjoyed the blogging. Sooo now, I Start a new blog named: Esse Singularis! It's Latin what means: Be unique. that's a beautiful quote in my opinion. My blog is especially about fashion, lifestyle, a little bit beauty and photography and of course a lot of other things that I like to share with you, like music or something.
I hope you all like my new blog! And leave a comment if you want, I really like that!


Fotoshoot with Emma. ♥